"Resurrection, New Creation And The Highway To Healing And Hope"

In this series I take you on a journey to the glorious truths of Resurrection, New Creation, our Covenant with God, and the Highway of Hope and Healing!

Talk about a series crammed with encouraging insights from beginning to end! This series will be a significant blessing in your life. It will cause you to sing, to shout, to worship, and even to weep for joy! It is replete with GOOD NEWS!

It will be water to your thirsty soul.

This is a time to contend for seeing the goodness of God in the land of the living! On the prayer card this month, I want you to let me know where you need to see God's goodness manifest, and then join your faith with mine as we agree together for it to come to pass. Fill the card out completely and send it along with your gift of love, your seed of love.

And, for your seed of love this month of $36 or more, I am going to send you this preaching series to add to your learning library. I assure you, this is so content-rich you will want to refer to it again and again, and each time you do, further insight will come from the Spirit, and further rejoicing will bubble up from your spirit!

Sow that $36 now, and let me say thank you by sending you this series, in CD or DVD, whichever you choose. You will be blessed!

If the Lord moves on you to sow a love gift of $76 or more this month, not only will you receive the series I just described, you will also receive, Finding Water In A Dry Land. This 4 cd series will show you how God wants to bring dead things to life!

It is time to rise out of "dead things" and see His goodness in the land of the living. There are New Creation realities awaiting your discovery by the Spirit. Stay strong! Stay encouraged! God is up to something good!

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