Praise: The Pattern, Pathway, And Protocol For The Divine Presence

Seated In The Heavenlies: Standing In The Divine Council

This teaching opened the eyes of those who heard it, and brought many to moments of revelation, and others to tears and weeping. It is that moving and that insightful!

I want you to be able to benefit from this teaching as well. So, this month for your love gift of $33 or more, I want you to have this potent 6-Message series (CD or DVD your choice) entitled:

Seated In The Heavenlies: Standing In The Divine Council

It will change the way you see God.
It will change the way you see yourself.
It will change the way you see the world.
It will change the way you see the Kingdom.
It will change the way you see “the obedience of faith”.

It will revolutionize your prayer and worship life!

You will listen to these teachings and you will make fundamental shifts in your life by the Spirit that will lead to transformation from glory to glory!

Your generous love-gift will enable us to continue to take the Gospel to the nations, and I will be delighted to also provide you with this rich and powerful teaching series to enjoy again and again!

I urge you to take what these teachings reveal to heart, and renew your passion for prayer and worship because of what they reveal.

Thanks in advance for your generosity in helping us get the Gospel out in these crucial days.

If you desire to sow a love gift of $53 or more, I am also going to send you a very compelling series on prayer that I have done entitled:

His Word is in My Mouth: How to Open the Heavens

This series is all about a wonderful and curious text from the prophet Isaiah, in Isaiah 51:16

"I have put My words in YOUR mouth and have covered YOU with the shadow of My hand, to PLANT (establish) the heavens, to found the earth, and to say to Zion, 'You are My people.'"

God is a Gardener as revealed in Genesis 2. He plants things. In Isaiah the Lord tells us that we are gardeners and that we are to work with Him to plant the heavens! Wow! What is that all about?

This series will unlock those truths and invite you into deeper fellowship in your prayer life as a member of the divine council and move mountains that stand in the way of God’s work and your life. This is the perfect companion series to our offer this month.

You will want to listen to both of these series and take copious notes.

If you feel so inclined to sow a love gift of $73 or more this month, I am also going to send you the much-in-demand book that goes along with the series on Isaiah 51:16 entitled:

Plant The Heavens

This book lays out the argument of Paul in Ephesians about thrones in the heavenlies that you occupy and thrones that are occupied by princes and powers, and how thrones are for war!

Each chapter closes with a powerful, doctrinal, warfare prayer and confession that will assist you in “planting the heavens” in your own sphere of authorioty in the Spirit.

All three of these offers will be a powerful value-add to your journey in Christ.

Thanks in advance for your love gift.

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