This month for your love gift of $35 or more, I am going to send you this multiple message series as my thank you for helping me reach others for Jesus:

"God What Are You Saying To Me?": How To Discern The Leading Of The Spirit

This will come in CD or DVD YOUR CHOICE!

In this series you are going to take a journey in the process of discerning the Voice of the Lord in your daily life.

You are going to learn how to be God's friend in the same way He is your Friend!

You are going to learn how to be a discerning person, so that your decisions will be rooted in the wisdom of God by the Holy Spirit's guidance.

You are going to rediscover some of the secrets of an abiding prayer life and how that relates to discerning the Voice of the Lord from the Scripture and your inner ears!

If ever the saints needed to nurture their prayer lives it is now!

You are going to overcome the tendency to come to God simply for "marching orders" and you are going to learn how to develop your spiritual friendship with your Heavenly Father and your Elder Brother by the power and presence of The Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of the Father and the Spirit of the Son!

You are going to learn that the will of God, the intent of God, the desire of God, is more like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing together with Ginger taking Fred's lead more than you dressed in military apparel appearing before your commanding officer barking orders at you. Make no mistake, He is the Captain of the Armies of Heaven, however when He talks to you, He talks to you as His FRIEND! If you ever watched the old movies on Turner Classic Movies of Fred Astaire dancing with Ginger Rogers, she took his lead, however she was far from passive or inactive. She was joyously engaged in going where he was going, and make him look fabulous as the leader! That is what the leading of the Spirit is supposed to be like: a choreographed dance! Amazing!

This series is going to change your whole way of viewing how you hear from your Heavenly Father and your Elder Brother!

Your $35 seed is going to allow us to continue to get the Gospel, the Good News into as many hearts and lives as we can as we continue to believe for a greater and greater harvest. Many of our friends around the world are proclaiming a "billion soul harvest" in this next wave of the Holy Spirit. May it be so in Jesus' Name! Let's do our part.

For those of you who will sow a love gift of $55 or more, kin addition you will also receive:

"The Last Days And The Promise Of The Father"

This 5 message series will complement the other series because it goes into depth on the whole issue of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and the intercession of the Holy Spirit through you in your prayers. It is one of the most in-depth teachings I have done in a long time on Spirit-Baptism and the purpose of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

You will want to listen to these truths and let them change the way you look at your relationship to the Indwelling Holy Spirit and the way you pray!

This is a life-changer from this inside-out!

And if you feel so moved to sow a love gift of $75 or more, I am going to also include my book:

The Dance Of Chance

In this book, I cover the whole issue of "chance occurrences" and how they fit in to decision-making and the will of God. It will be an energizing and encouraging look at the way God uses "chance" to enhance your journey, when He seems to be at work in hidden ways!

Many have been blessed and edified reading this little book! I know you will be as well.

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