This month for your love gift of $33 or more, I am going to say "thank you for helping us preach Jesus around the world" by sending you my brand new faith series,

"Living Large: The Journey From Scarcity To Abundance"


It is a powerful 4-message set. You decide whether you want it in CD or DVD. You will want to listen to each message again and again to mine all the nuggets of golden revelation from the Scriptures and the Spirit for your walk of faith.

Those of you who feel led to sow a love gift of $53 or more, in addition to the teaching series, you will be given a beautiful "Living Large Journal" for you to write down the promises God is giving you in your faith journey from scarcity to abundance so that you can track your progress and the prayers God is answering in response to your faith. Journaling is a healthy spiritual exercise, and I encourage you to do it if you haven’t made a habit of it. It will radically change your perspective on what is happening in your walk with God.

Those of you who are moved on by the Spirit of God to sow a love gift of $73 or more, I have asked the team to pull a very classic series out of the Mark Chironna Vault from over a decade ago. This series has literally gone all around the world. It is a series on the walk of faith. It is six powerful prophetically motivated messages on the journey of the disciples in the boat across the Sea of Galilee while Jesus is asleep in the back of the boat. This classic series has changed countless thousands of lives. The series is entitled "Wake Up The King". I promise you will want to hear these messages again and again, and you will learn how by faith to "Wake Up The King" inside your boat in whatever storm you are facing. This is a 6 message series and will be a great value add to your listening library.

Sow your best love gift now, $33, $53, $73 or more, and let me place in your hands these precious tools that can serve you to build a life on the real faith that moves mountains.

Take time to read the prophetic utterance the Lord gave me and make it a personal promise in prayer for yourself and your loved ones and friends. Pray it back to God and war a good warfare by it.

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