"I Will Not Let You Go Unless You Bless Me"

For your love gift of $35 or more this month. Your love gift will not only help us take the Gospel around the world, it will also be credited to your account in heaven for God to bless you in fresh new ways in this coming season.

You can have this powerful 6-Message Series in either CD or DVD. I will also send a list of decrees and declarations for you to use during the 21 Days of our Prayer Offensive! I will also include the prayer schedule so that you can be praying simultaneously with us as we make these powerful declarations 3 times a day. There is something to be said for unified prayer, praying in "one accord". It releases the BLESSING of the Spirit in multifaceted ways!

Sow your love gift today, and join us in fighting the good fight of faith in prayer.

If the Lord should speak to you to sow a love gift of $50 or more, in addition, I am also going to send you a powerful 6-Message series entitled:

The Heart's Journey to Awakening: Finding the Gate of Heaven

If you can say one thing for sure about Jacob, he discovered the secret of the GATE OF HEAVEN (Genesis 28:17), and it carried him all the way to his prayer of "I Will Not Let You Go Unless You Bless Me".

In this 6 message series you will discover:

The intention of God in every cycle of your journey and FIND THE GATE OF HEAVEN that leads to the next phase of your growth and development. All of this is the handiwork of God, Who has called you to get out on the "living edge" of adventure, and connect with the "deep" within your hearts that is calling out to the "deep" in the heart of the Father that He has created you for. The Spirit still "broods" over the deep within you until you are ready to AWAKEN to the possibility and promise of finding the next GATE OF HEAVEN that is on your internal map where you have your next appointment with God and the angels who have been assigned to you for the journey.

Sow that love gift of $50 or more now and let me place these invaluable teaching and learning resources in your hands.

Finally, if you sow a love gift this month of $70 or more, I am going to also send you my best-selling book,

"You Can Let Go Now, It's Okay To Be Who You Are"

In this book I take you on Jacob's journey to transformation that leads him to say, "I will not let you go unless you bless me". You will be surprised at what is revealed in the book. It might change your mind about how you see Jacob. In fact, it WILL change forever the way you see and think about Jacob, and most importantly, the way you SEE and THINK about yourself!

The book is about your journey to becoming all God intends for you to be!

Sow your love gift today, and let me thank you by sending you these rich materials for your edification.

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