This month for your love gift of $33 or more, I am going to send you a brand new series entitled:

The Spirit Of Prophecy And The Law Of Resurrection Life

It contains 4 power-packed teaching messages on the theme that “nothing can stay dead in the presence of resurrection life”, and it is going to cause your heart to burn with earnest expectation for Christ’s glory to be made manifest as you walk with Him by faith.

You decide if you want this series in CD or DVD and we will accommodate you.

For a love gift of $53 or more, I am also offering an additional 4-Message CD series that is also brand new entitled:

Divine Reversals

This series is also about the law of resurrection life as revealed in the signs and wonders of Elisha and Elijah. This is a faith-building series that will enrich your heart as well as your mind, and enhance your walk in the Holy Spirit.

These two series are fresh and relevant to where many are that are hungering for a fresh release and outpouring of the Spirit in their lives. These messages will speak to your hunger, speak to your faith, and speak to your future!

And finally, for a love gift of $73 or more, I am also going to include a book I have written that has already gone around the world and opened eyes to understand a simply phrase in the Book of Revelation that has often been misunderstood. The title of this prophetic book is:

The Testimony Of Jesus

As you remember, Revelation 19:10 states:

The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

All too often, we put the emphasis on the spirit of prophecy and miss the point. The emphasis for John the Revelator was on the testimony of Jesus. You miss that, and you misuse the prophetic altogether. This book is life-changing and thirst-quenching for those who keep falling in love with Jesus over and over again.

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