"Mustard Seeds And Mighty Mountains: The Faith That Works The Impossible"

This is fresh Manna from Heaven that will renew your faith, and restore your joy, and get you into a fresh posture of a hearing heart that Jesus can speak to!

This brand new four message series is already changing the lives of those who hear it. They are being encouraged and empowered! I want you to experience the same.

What do you have faith for in this season of your life?

This series is going to show you exactly how to answer that question!

Sow your love gift today of $30 or more and let me give you this 4-message set in CD or DVD (your choice). It will be one of your favorites in your library…I promise!

If you feel inclined to sow a love gift of $50 or more this month, not only will you receive this brand new "Mustard Seeds And Mighty Mountains" series, you will also get one of my classic series on faith from our vault: "The Strategy Of Faith" CD series.

This multiple series on strategic faith will take you step by step into the experience of the "full assurance of faith" based on the life of Abraham! This series is sure to awaken your spiritual senses to what is available to you by grace through faith.

And finally, if God moves you to sow a love gift this month of $70 or more, I am going to also add to these two powerful series, one of our most requested books in our collection: "Obtaining A Harvest From Your Seed Of Dreams"

This volume will provide you insight into the nature of seeds, soil, and the seasons of your life in relation to faith for the future God has promised you.

Sow your love gift today, $30, $50, $70 or more, and let me say thank you by sending you these rewarding resources that will add value to your everyday journey in Jesus.

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