The Roadmap of God: Detecting The Guidance of The Spirit

This is a season when all of God’s children need to get reacquainted with detecting His mind and discerning His voice. This is all about God’s roadmap. David understood it from an Old Covenant perspective in Psalm 27 and many other Psalms. It is time for you to understand it and live in it as well. This is life-changing. Your love gift of $35 will come back to you many times over just from the harvest you will reap from these timeless truths rooted in the godly traditions of the Church Fathers.

Should the Lord lead you to sow a love gift of $60 or more this month, I am going to also send you one of my classic series’ from our vault. These classic series have been the most in-demand series’ worldwide. This particular month I am offering my classic:

Destiny And The Law Of Spontaneous Desire

This series contains 6 power-packed, content-rich messages that will help you answer the question I raised in this letter: "What Do I Really Want?"

Legalism gets in the way of being totally honest about the desires of our heart. It gets in the way so much that most people can’t even answer the question easily or honestly. This series will show you how to face that down, and own your desires before God and then discover how God intends to bring them to pass! I promise you will be blessed. You will want to go back over and over again on the ground I cover in this series. It is transformative.

And finally, if you are led to sow a love gift this month of $80 or more, I am also going to send you perhaps one of the most prophetic messages of the hour I have ever delivered. It is the ‘seed’ for some major projects God is putting in our heart to do for the Kingdom in the coming days. This hour-long prophetic message is something I just preached before 120 key leaders from three generations and from an international scope at a gathering I called "The Issachar Initiative". The event was history-making and is the genesis of a fresh movement to mobilize the Army of the Lord and to raise up a vanguard company in this hour to recover the testimony of Jesus in the full demonstration of the Spirit and power!

This message will provoke your heart to want to be part of that vanguard company and rise up in the strength and power of Elijah and be part of the next great outpouring and next great wave of the Holy Spirit in the earth.

Sow your best love gift, $35, $60, $80 or more, and in return as a thank you I will place in your hands a veritable learning library of tools for transformation and renewal.

Until next month, stay encouraged, and stay strong in Jesus!

You are loved!

Dr. Mark J. Chironna

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