There are certain seasons in our lives we feel overwhelmed with life pressures and other seasons we feel like nothing is ever going to change. At those times we need a breakthrough word to get us into breakthrough season where we see the promise of our God and Father come to pass!

In this brand series, Dead Prophets Society, Dr. Chironna delivers rich and prophetic insights from 2 Kings 13 dealing with the prophet Elisha. In this powerful prophetic series you will discover direct application for your life to walk in a breakthrough season. For anyone who gives a love gift of $35 or more you’ll receive the brand-new six part series Dead Prophets Society: The Legacy in Elisha’s Bones, in either CD or DVD your choice.

For those who can give a love gift of $55 or more this month in addition to receiving the new series, Dead Prophets Society: The Legacy in Elisha’s Bones, you’ll also receive the three CD series Spirit Bred: To Fight The Fight. In this series of teachings Dr. Chironna covers the subject of how to stand in the Spirit during seasons of resistance and how through intersession, declarations and decrees you will see breakthrough and change happen in your life.

For those of you who can give a love gift of $75 or more, Dr. Chironna also include the 8 disk series When Prophets Move, CD or DVD your choice. In this series When Prophets Move, Dr. Chironna, you’ll discover there is a flow that takes place in your life and you’ll come to understand a rest in that flow which is already moving in the Spirit and see the currents and the waves of goodness and mercies of the Lord.

Give a love gift of $75 or more today and receive all three powerful resources packed with prophetic and practical insights for application in your life today. All three of these fertile resources will grow abundant harvest and your life.

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