This month for your love gift of $35 or more to help me reach the harvest of souls around the world, I want to say thank you buy sending you in CD or DVD (your choice), my brand new 6 message series:

"Grace: The Favor Leaning In Your Direction"

I promise you that this series of teachings on the grace of God will clarify what grace really is, and encourage you to welcome it on a daily basis into your life, so that you can see its fruits of blessing again and again in your total life experience.

Sow that love gift today, and let me bless you in return with this amazing series about grace.

If the Lord moves on you to sow a love gift of $55 or more, I also want to include "The Power To Prevail", a CD series of teachings on the Overcomer from the first three chapters of the Book of Revelation. This is a powerful series, and it will bless you in more ways than I can express.

Sow that $55 today, and I will be sure that both the series on grace and this new series on Revelation, will be sent your way.

If God moves you to sow a $75 seed or more, I am excited to say, you will also get a signed copy of my brand new, just released latest book:

"LifeQuest: Navigating The Gap Between Your Current Reality And Your Future Destiny"

Beloved, I enjoy writing, and I am blessed to have written many best selling books. I have to be honest, this one is the one I am so far in my journey MOST EXCITED about because of how pertinent it is to the challenges you face in your journey towards the fulfilling of our destiny.

This new book will show you in very explicit ways, how to navigate the "unknowns" in your life of faith, and bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Sow that love gift of $75 or more today, and let me sign a copy of this new book for you and send it along with the other two powerful series of teachings. These fertile resources will grow an abundant harvest in your life.

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