This month as you sow your love gift into the soil of this ministry, to help us reach souls in this late hour in the Kingdom, I want to first and foremost pray for an abundant harvest in return for your seed. In addition, I want to say thank you by putting in your hands, perhaps the most significant series of messages I have ever taught in 41 years of ministry on the economics of Heaven. The series has 6 potent messages that will change your awareness and consciousness about finances.

I've named this series:

"Wisdom's Promise Or Mammon's Lie"

When I say it will change your consciousness and awareness about finances, it will. It is already changing the hearts and minds of the many who have heard the series.

For your love gift this month of $35 or more, this 6 message series will be sent to you, in your choice of CD or DVD.

If you choose to sow a love gift of $50 or more, you will also receive a very special additional teaching on

"Casting Down The Spirit Of Mammon"

This 90 minute message includes a set of confessions and decrees that will energize your prayers in relation to aligning your finances with the will of God.

If you choose to sow a love gift of $70 or more, you will also get a three message series on

"Money Mis-Beliefs"

This series will take you through the false money-scripts that are all too common in all too many lives that sabotage the abundance that can be yours based on God's wisdom from His Word.

Sow your love gift today, $35, $50, or $70, and let me place these resources in your hands. You won't regret it, and you will also be sowing seed into our global outreach for souls, and for healing and building up the Body of Christ at large.

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