For your seed of love this month, planted in the soil of Mark Chironna Ministries, I am going to send you my brand new anointed and encouraging prophetic series:

"Christ Our Jubilee And God's War On Debt"

This 5-message series is going to refresh and renew your faith in Who Jesus is to you! It will lift your heart and release a new sense of the joy of the Lord that is your strength! It will remind you that you are going to see the goodness of God in the land of the living! It will help you wage a good warfare against any stronghold, and even the stronghold of debt. This is a powerful series, and I know it is going to bless you.

As you sow your love seed of $33 or more this month, know that your seed is going to help the spread of the Gospel all around the world. You can request this series in CD or DVD for the same love seed! Sow it today.

If the Spirit of the Lord moves on you to sow a love seed of $53 or more, I also want to send you a classic 6 message CD series that dovetails with "Christ Our Jubilee And God's War On Debt". It is entitled:


"The Strategy Of Faith: Defining Moments And Predictable Miracles"

I am persuaded God is moving again even now in our culture and in the Western world in spite of the evil that is happening all around us. God is fine-tuning the ears of the faithful saints and they are being equipped to move in faith and power as the army of the Lord. Every opposing force will have to bow the knee to the Lordship of Jesus. This series will unlock your strategic faith for defining moments and predictable miracles! Discover the hidden keys to predictable miracles! Let the Spirit give you a fresh breath of revelation and let your faith rise so that God can arise through you! Sow that love gift of $53 today, and let me send you both of these powerful series to add to your learning library.


Finally, if the Lord impresses on your heart to sow a generous love seed of $73 or more, I am also going to add a third series that will rock your world in a very positive way. It is also a 6 message series on CD and it is entitled:

"When The Windows Of Heaven Open: How To Buy Back Your Opportunity"

One of my favorite subjects to teach on is kairos moments and how God opens windows into the realm of the invisible. We are under God's New Creation Heaven when windows are opening for those who recognize where they are. The Lord wants to impart the wisdom of Christ by His Spirit to the saints, to you Beloved, to buy back and buy up kairos moments and opportunities as see the invisible invade your visible life! This series will teach you how the kairos moment is to be seized. In listening you will learn how to:

  • Recognize the moment
  • Choose the moment
  • Act on the moment
  • Make the moment

Sow your love seed today, $33, for the featured series of the month, $53 for the additional series on the Strategy of Faith, or $73 to include also the third series on When The Windows Of Heaven Open, all these teachings will add life to your spirit and Spirit to your life! They will also be my way of saying thank you for partnering with me to get the Gospel out in this crucial hour.

Until next month, stay strong, watch and pray, and fight the good fight of faith!

You are more than a conqueror!

You are loved!

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