I want to invite you to sow a generous love gift this month of $35 or more into this ministry.

For that love gift, I want to send you my brand-new 6 message series that is setting captives free entitled:

Jesus The Charismatic Blueprint

It will bless you again and again. It will key in on the processes of the Spirit in the life of Jesus and enable you to "connect the dots" to those processes in your own life and journey.

It will build you up in your faith. It will set the stage for greater breakthroughs in your life.

Sow today, and let me thank you by placing this powerful new resource in your hands and into your spirit to the end that the yoke-breaking anointing of the Spirit will do something fresh in your life.

You decide whether you want this 6 message series in DVD or CD.

Should the Lord move on you to sow a $52 seed, I also will include in addition to "Jesus The Charismatic Blueprint", a classic series entitled:

"Answered Prayer Jesus-Style"

6 powerful messages on how Jesus teaches you to believe God when you ask Him and petition Him for your requests.

This series is a great add-on to Jesus The Charismatic Blueprint and will give you opportunity to rely on the Spirit in fresh ways as you pray Jesus-style for the answers you await from the Father.

And finally if you are led by the Spirit to sow a love gift of $72 or more, in addition I am also going to send you one of my best-selling classic books:

"Stepping Into Greatness"

I promise this book will bless you richly. I will take you on a journey, through the dealings of God in my own life to that "large place" where God wants to set your feet. It all begins with the first SMALL STEP, yet that STEP is a STEP in faith into the GREATNESS OF CHRIST.

Sow your best love gift today, knowing you are sharing in the labor of winning souls to Jesus, feeding the lambs of the flock, feeding the sheep, and equipping leaders for service in the Kingdom.

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