Today, as you partner with me this month to sow a love gift of $30 or more, I want to send you my practical and powerful new 6 message series, "He Went Out On A Limb For Me", on DVD or CD… your choice!

In this timely series, you are going to discover exactly how to thrive on how He made you effective, capable, competent, and adequate for everything you are facing right now!

I will take you through an understanding of your calling in Christ, and how that operates in the seasons and chapters of your growth and the cycles of life developmentally.

You are going to learn how the call by which He summoned you grows over the weeks, months, and years, as you abide in Him, and shifts your focus, shifting and re-visioning the nature and the scope of your activities. You will discover how He enlarges your footsteps under you and sets your feet in a large place!

This series will be of great encouragement with lots of rich content that you can apply immediately to your current reality.

Sow that $30 love gift now, and help me to reach others for Jesus and empower disciples around the world. I will say "thank you" by placing in your hands 6 solid content-rich hours of empowerment in

"He Went Out On A Limb For Me"

This month I also have a very special companion series to go along with that, and for a love gift of $60, you will receive:

"Life Beyond Your Limitations: Christ’s All Sufficiency In You"


In this series you will discover a Biblical psychological approach to Christ’s self-sufficiency in you that will be both transformational and therapeutic, and highly encouraging.

For those of you who are led to sow a love gift of $100 or more, I have a very special bonus package totaling 14 hours of teachings, far beyond the value you will sow, to add to these other two series’.

The bonus pack includes three of the best selling multiple teaching preaching series and most requested over the years. These are coming out of our "Classics Vault".

These three series are:

"Self-Mastery" (based on the fruit of the Spirit which is self-control)

"The Big Door: The One God Opens That No Man Can Shut"


"The Voice Of God, The Call Of The Spirit, And The Supernatural Life"

You will be receiving in this Bonus Pack a total combined 14 messages that will be part of your learning library that you can reference again and again, as the Spirit leads you, and as the need arises.

I am deeply grateful for your faithfulness, your love, AND your support. You are the difference that makes the difference for multiplied hundreds of thousands of lives around the world that are saved, fed, and nurtured because of the work God is doing through us.

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