For your seed of love this month, planted in the soil of Mark Chironna Ministries, I am going to send you my brand new anointed and encouraging prophetic series:

Praise: The Pattern, Pathway, And Protocol For The Divine Presence

This 6 message series won’t simply remind you of the power of praise, it will go in depth in the Scripture as to how to approach the King on His Throne and how praise is the key to almost every release and breakthrough in the Spirit that is possible. These 6 messages are going to transform your heart until it overflows with the “noise factor” of Praise. You choose whether you want the series in CD or DVD.

If the Lord moves on you to sow $50 at this New Year, I am also going to add to this another 6 message series on CD entitled:

Your Twenty-Four Hour Turn-Around Breakthrough

This series is a classic series from the life of Elisha the prophet when he declared “tomorrow about this time”. In this series I show you how Elisha shifted an atmosphere in short order and within 24 hours everything changed, and how your faith and your praise can release unexpected turn-around breakthroughs in your own situation. Sow that love gift now and let me place these tools in your hands.

If God lays it on your heart to sow a $70 seed, in addition to these two powerful series’ I am also going to add perhaps one of the most memorable series I have ever done on effectual prayer in my entire preaching history. I was indeed the “first” to preach this and others took it and claimed it as their own, however I brought it to the national and international arena and then others heard it and ‘borrowed’ what I taught in this 6 message transformative, history-making series;

Where Are The Rainmakers?

If you have never heard me preach this classic series, you will want it in your library. A few years back I preached one of these messages in Redding, CA for Bill Johnson during a season of extreme drought in Northern California. Within a day of preaching that series, it rained for 3 weeks in the Redding area and the drought was alleviated at that time. Trust me, you will want to hear the content of this 6 message series over and over again, as it dovetails with what I am saying about praise and prayer this month.

Thanks for sowing your best love gift this month and enabling us to continue to take the Gospel world-wide in this significant hour of shaking and a great leap forward. Your part in the harvest doesn’t go unnoticed either in heaven or by us. Your love gift makes a huge difference and I am grateful.

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